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Live Resin CBD Legal THC

If you’ve had past experience with Hemp or Cannabis products, you may have learned of what live resin is. Howbeit, if you’re a new arrival at the THC scene you might have a few questions as to what live resin actually is. A helpful guide follows to help you unpack the advantages of live resin alongside some other must-knows on the newest products in the store.  Read More > >

According to The American Institute of Stress, around 55% of Americans report feeling stressed out during the day, a percentage that continually increases each year. Our Sole Focus? Relieving stress, anxiety and improving your quality of life.
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Have you heard about or consumed Delta 10 THC?  If the answer is no, we can hardly blame you since it’s been on the market a relatively short period of time. But, given its unique characteristics, properties, and a close relationship to Delta 8 THC, another ultra-successful cannabinoid, you’ll be hearing a lot more about Delta 10 as its benefits are being widely realized and experienced. 

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